Htet Yie

Lead Trainer

Htet Yie Win is a Founder and Managing Director of BRAND YOU Co., Ltd., the leading image training company in Myanmar, delivering Image, Personal Branding and Personal development strategies for individual and companies.

She has not only had international experience but also conducted public seminars, corporate trainings, private consultation & coaching in local. She has trained renowned local organizations with multi-cultural background, volunteered herself in training local NGOs, co-facilitate workshops in big cities. Conducting trainings among expatriates, repatriates and locals become one of her contributions to Myanmar’s opening. Her mission became helping people to achieve their full potential using Image and Branding techniques. Achieved Certified Image Consulting diploma from Academy of Image Mastery (Singapore) and London Image Institute. Her vision is to transform the Image of Myanmar, globally. She believes in hybrid of local and international standards and norms. Today, she leads the consultations and trainings of BRAND YOU and doing personal development trainings, facilitations and coaching for organization leaders. During ASEAN BUSINESS AWARDS 2017, Htet Yie is awarded as National Women Entrepreneur of the Year (Myanmar).

• 2017 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year (Myanmar), ASEAN Business Awards
• 2017 Myanmar Young Inspirational Woman Award, Connected Women
• 2016 Myanmar Young Start-up Award (Runner-Up), 1st Myanmar
Entrepreneurship Summit